Professional and former professional mixed martial arts fighters from the UFC and other organizations such as Invicta, Bellator, and Rizin.



Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson

UFC Flyweight Fighter. 125 lb UFC Champion.  Holds the record for most consecutive title defenses and considered on of the GOAT.
Status: Active
Followers: 133,000+ 
Archived Videos: 350+

Games: PUBG, Street Fighter V, Rainbow Six: Siege, IRL


Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

MMA Fighter and actor. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.  Also fought in Pride, K-1, and Bellator.  Starred in the movie A-Team.
Status: Active
Followers: 132,000+ 
Archived Videos: 50+

Games: PUBG, IRL, Overwatch


Max "Blessed" Holloway

UFC Featherweight and current 145lb Champion.  He is on a 12 fight win streak and is considered on of the P4P best in MMA. 
Status: Active
Followers: 13,000+ 
Archived Videos: 5+

Games: PUBG


Jessamyn Duke

Current Invicta Bantamweight mixed martial artist.  She competed on The Ultimate Fighter and had 4 fights in the UFC.
Status: Active
Followers: 7,000+ 
Archived Videos: 40+

Games: Subnautica, Rimworld, Assassin's Creed: Origins


Jens "Lil' Evil" Pulver

Retired MMA Fighter was the inaugural UFC Lightweight Champion.  Also coached The Ultimate Fighter and fought in Pride and WEC.
Status: Active
Followers: 700+ 
Archived Videos: 70+

Games: Destiny 2, PUBG, Gang Beasts, IRL


Angela "Overkill" Hill

Current UFC Fighter.  She was the former Ivicta Strawweight Champion at 115lbs.  Known for cosplaying during her weigh ins.
Status: Not Active
Followers: 1,000+ 
Archived Videos: 10+

Games: EA Sports UFC 2, The Walking Dead


Alex "Astro Girl" Chambers

Australian mixed martial artist who currently fights in the UFC in the Strawweight division. She has also fought in Invicta FC and competed on The Ultimate Fighter.
Status: Not Active
Followers: 300+ 
Archived Videos: 1+

Games: Destiny